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Kitscheesy Christmas sweater 🌲

A few words about the Christmas funky sweater with an upcoming quizzes, the first to win upcycled Christmas cardigans and the second to plant 150 trees around the world in this era of wasting 🌱

Hello December! Hello Christmas!💫

Store window decorations, family recyclable tree or gift list preparation (with essentials) which may includes the coolest Christmas sweater !

"Ca pique les yeux !"

Ironic and traditional,

Ugly and beauty,

Ridiculous and cool,

Fun and jovial,

Traditional and rebellious,

Blessed bread for industries,

Poison for ecology,

The Christmas sweater has won over time lots of criticisms and love, he went through ups and downs like an entrepreneur's life.

A symbol of self-deprecation, second degree and togetherness.

The tradition dates back to the 19th century, when people in rural England and Ireland began knitting woolen sweaters to keep warm during the long, cold winters.

Bright colors and fancy designs, such as Christmas trees, reindeer and stars, the end of year schoolboy accessory.

A popular fashion accessory making silhouettes look effortlessy and cool.

Over time, they grew in popularity in Europe and North America and became the holiday season staple. Worn at parties, festive events and fashion runways.

Even Claudia Schiffer adopted it in a chic couture Chanel look, mixing a printed knit sweater with a soft transparent skirt, highlighted with a chic belt.

Declining during the 90s, this famous sweater lost its splendor and passed into the outdated and ugly clan.

However nowadays, the Christmas sweater tradition is celebrated around the world, with competitions, fashion shows and special events held for the occasion.

A blend of fashion and fun reflecting the joyful and warm Christmas spirit gathering people to share moments of conviviality and good humor.

It has also gained in diversity, with original and modern designs, inspired by films, music and famous people.

A second-rate affair with a cool and dusted connotation and a precious cultural heritage spanning centuries to become an iconic element.

It celebrates creativity, festive spirit and human warmth and offers a unique opportunity to share happiness and cheerfulness with others.

BUT ...

International Christmas sweater day is now an annual event, pushing consumers to buy a sweater just for a laugh.

An opportunity for fast fashion industries to make quick profits with unethical and unechological products. The damages are no longer unknown.

In the end, nothing’s better than an old sweater from our wardrobe, recycled and customised having experienced several christmases from a table to another or digged out in a thrift store.

A beautiful journey ! 🙌

During these days of all together hardship and rejoicing times don’t forget to save a seat at your Christmas table for your loner friend or neighbor

Small actions, big changes 💚

Meet up at Instagram, on December 15 to win an upcycled Christmas cardigans and December 22 to plant together 150 trees with @Tree-Nation 🌲

Take a moment to be inspired and check out this article with good tips to reduce Christmas waste and have good time with good conscious.

Upcycled sencond hand cardigans - REBIRTH

Have a bright, enlightened and Merry Christmas ✨

With love 💌


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