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A strong symbol of Gangeoisie - The polo ✨

To start up with this blog, here is our first few lines about something we consider hype and cool over time and space - The polo.

Hope you enjoy reading these thoughts.

More to follow !

You got it right ! Polo is A must.

As chic as gangsta, worn by oldies as well as by kids, for him or for her, loved as well as disliked, this timeless piece doesn’t let anyone indifferent.

Boundless as we love ! 🤍

As for most great business story, it all started with a niche market which because of visionary spread out to end up in all of our closets.

The polo story is old and gold !

It started with Polo game 🏇🏼

The game, goes back to the 6th century B.C. when it was practiced in Persia and Central Asia regions. In the 19th century, British militaries based in India, used the traditional Indian Polo players outfits.

Thick coton shirt and long sleeves.

What an inferno ! 😑

Disturbed by the collar flapping in the wind when riding their horses, it was then attached to the shirt using buttons.

And so was born the first Polo shirt.

After attending a Polo match John E. Brooks started to mass produced the shirt as it was under the Brooks Brothers brand. The Polo shirt spreads.

It was considered as the « OriginalPolo buttoned shirt »

Some people spots the obvious truth quicker than others.

1920 : The Roaring twenties but not just ! 🐊

1920. René Lacoste and Suzanne Lenglen

French tennis player Jean René Lacoste nicknamed "The crocodile" transformes the original shirt to make it more adapted to tennis.

Shorter sleeves, collar and buttonhole.

The back was longer as to better fit in the trousers used to play in this era.

Made out of « Coton piqué », it’s weaving technique allowed a better breathing and strength to the fabric than the original one.

Technic was on his side ! But not only cause he was the GOAT 🐊

In 1933, Lacoste creates and start selling the famous crocodile branded shirt « La Chemise Lacoste ».

Very quickly the Lacoste Polo was adopted by very different communities.

Everyday Joe’s, sports fanatics, TV representatives and of course athletes.

It’s popularity grew along the development of « l’athleisure ».

1972 Ralph launch THE Polo

It’s the American designer Ralph Lauren who really turned the polo into an iconic piece in the following years.

The shirt ultimately out growed it’s traditional American luxury image and reached the streetwear movement, specifically the Lo-Life trend!

During the 90’s, Ralph Lauren’s ads campaigns looked all alike.

It’s main targets were the sailors, Polo players, the car racers.

David, Ralph’s son resumes the brand philosophy

« It’s not a question of fabrics, it’s a question of dreams » !

That left out a big portion of potentials customers.

Lo-Life revolutionary trend appeared in the 90’s, Hip Hop’s golden age.

Photographie Thirstin Howl the 3rd, 1988

Their obsession : A brand !

Which one ? Ralph Lauren!

Why ? For the social success symbol !

Born in the rough Brooklyn in 1988 , those unprivileged kids grew up with the same cravings, being cool, wrap up with those get-up which weren’t originally designed for them.

It’s also a reflection on the american dream, the social class system and the consumption society which never laid an eye on them and the Hip Hop market ✨

Lo-Life’s majorly contributed in the brand’s upbringing in the Hip Hop culture and in some ways to various luxury brands in the streetwear trend.

They were dressed head to toes in Ralph Lauren (socks and boxers included) and went through all means to get their hand on new items.

A rowdy popular uprising against an elitist and bourgeois symbol.

Bury Me With The Lo On: Lo life doc link:


Rebirth_paris upcycled Ralph Lauren polo

On our hand, we commit to follow the threads of this amazing story with the « Slow Polo » directly inspired by the Slow Life way of life. We aim to extend it’s life span, gather, transform and bring up to date all vintages pieces we can get our hands on ♻️

Nowadays, the Polo shirt lives under various shapes. It can be cropped, embellished, worn oversized like a dress, etc, etc.

This item has now entered a new dimension by rooting into different cultures and sub cultures, becoming a must have in every closet, drawer or pantry.

Dressing tips :

Layering a shirt and a maxi Polo over it or tie a shirt or a jumper around your waist for a chic and easy winner look !

Old Ralph Lauren Adverts

For more cool layering tips and video, we recommend you to check out : Amy Smilovic styling Instagram account.

Our look : Glamorous glitter custom and elastic crop, underlining your waist

while still comfy !

And you ! How do you wear it ?

We’d love to read your comments and suggestions 💙

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